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What information do we collect about you?

These Terms of Use are an agreement between you and Telelinkz about how you can use this website and its content. They cover everything from browsing the site to accessing the information and software we provide. Please take time to properly read these terms since they are significant. You accept to read these terms cautiously and to abide by all applicable laws and regulations by using our website going forward. If you disagree with these terms, we suggest you to not use our website


We might need to make occasional changes to our website or these conditions without notifying you in advance. Therefore, it's a good idea to periodically review these terms for any revisions.


By approving to these terms, you comprehend that Telelinkz can stop you from using the website if we think you've damaged these terms or if the law requires us to do so. We can do this without telling you earlier, and we won't be responsible to you or anyone else for doing so.



All the content on this website, like text, images, videos, logos, and icons, belongs to Telelinkz. You can't copy, alter, or share any content from our website without asking us first. If you use our content without permission, you could be breaking copyright laws and other rules.

Using the Content

Telelinkz gives you permission to view, browse, and download some marketing content from the website for your own internal and business use. But you have to follow these terms and not change the content in any way. You also have to keep all the copyright and ownership notices that are shown on the website. If you want to use the content in any other way, you need to ask Telelinkz first.


Electronic Communications

When you use our website, you agree to get electronic messages from us, like notices and updates about the website. These messages are part of our relationship with you.


Other Websites We Link To

Sometimes we put links to other websites here for your convenience. But just because we put the links doesn't mean we like or support those websites or what they say. We're not in charge of what you see on those other sites. They have their own rules and privacy policies you should look at.


Our Responsibility Limit

If something bad happens because you used our website, we're not responsible. Included in this are situations such as financial loss, business setbacks, and data loss. 


Our Disclaimer

Our website and all the stuff on it are given to you as-is, with no guarantees. That means we can't promise our website will always be perfect or that the info on it will always be correct. We might change our website whenever we want without telling you. There may be some errors in the website. You are using are site at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any possible issues that may arise. 

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